Tactical Shooting, Shooting Clubs, Private Security and Shooting Competitions


ABACO: Shooting Simulators for Professional Training

ABACO is brand of Shooting Simulators with scalable units from two to six lines, with one or two cameras, portable, and easy to install.

ABACO Shooting Simulators are designed for the practice and improvement of the multiple techniques used by elite shooters, with a wide variety of 3D exercises for individual, group, or competitive training, mini-videos and real videos, including TOOLBOX IPSC-IDPA and Tactical TOOLBOX toolkits.

Virtual shots are generated with IR adapters (including Blowback and PRE-POST motion recording) for real weapons, short, long or adapted replicas.

With DAVNAR Cloud you can access the file and management of reports for each shooter, allowing the Premium version to analyze the evolution of shooting quality in a given exercise for a shooter between dates, using selectable indicators.

In low cost versions, with an annual subscription and our DR. CAM digital camera, you have access to a simulator management software service along with 3D exercises, mini videos, and real videos contained in a Hard Key to be installed on your Notebook / Laptop.

Upon request from each client, we master the videos of occurrences in their own daily life for all versions of ABACO.