With more than 40 years of experience, DAVNAR is a manufacturing brand of solutions in the field of simulation for specialized measurement, through the development and use of our own dedicated software and hardware, ensuring permanent innovation.

Since 1979, DAVNAR has been developing and manufacturing computerized radars for measurements on underground cables, having been transiting different simulation technologies to train specialists in special measurements.

Since 2013 and attending to the needs of the different national security forces and that of neighboring countries, the National Technological University of Argentina (UTN) faces the development of different generations of Shooting Simulators, in conjunction with the specialized national industry and technological linkage units.

In 2014, together with the UTN, DAVNAR began the development of Advanced Shooting Simulators with reports of high added value, for the continuous improvement of the training of public and private security forces and armed forces.

Embassies and various security forces in Latin America and Europe already know and train their human resources with our shooting simulation technology DAVNAR Tech and ABACO.

We develop 100% of the equipment we sell, which are designed and built by highly specialized engineers and technicians, guaranteeing efficient technical support throughout the region.

With the men and women's own weapons, short, long, non-lethal, cane, pepper spray, tactical stress vests, tactical flashlights and the simulation of armed raids in indoor environments, with humanoids that shoot the security and armed forces, they train with the possibility of being injured or killed by the members involved in the force.

A range of accessories for a greater variety of training, in environments that simulate reality. No life risk and at low cost. With the possibility of improving various skills, such as: attentional skills, spatial visual skills, competencies for anticipation and goal-oriented planning, development of emotional self-control, development of self-confidence, among others.

We mention that Shooting Simulators have a strong potential in the reports of each practice, with practical results that allow feedback on learning and thus improve step by step shooting skills, decision making, generating high levels of stress, all in simulated environments.

This is the result of years of research and joint work with different security forces and armed forces on a range of high-tech products with technical features recognized at an international level.

Juan Molnár, Engr.
Founder & CEO