Law Enforcement and Armed Forces


DAVNAR Tech, Advanced Shooting Simulators for Community Defense

  • They are mobile and transportable systems, so shooters will be able to train in their workplaces.
  • They allow training from one up to six men/women simultaneously.
  • The complexity of the training is graduated, with exercises for the development of shooting skills such as: shooting decision, shooting quality, and fast shooting.
  • The training covers various levels of training, from beginners to the most advanced levels.
  • For the most advanced levels, they provide random training that helps strengthen the bond between the shooter and the weapon.
  • There is varied 3D and video training available, as well as toolboxes, such as TOOLBOX IPSC-IDPA and Tactical TOOLBOX, where the instructor can design countless scenarios.
  • Reports: Shooting time, weapon identification, shooter identification, reaction time, and location of the shot on the target are recorded sequentially. All this information is recorded in the Shooting Simulator and can be printed/sent by email or archived and managed in the cloud using the DAVNAR Cloud Report Manager. In the Premium version, the instructor will not only be able to view the reports from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC) with an internet connection, but they will also be able to assess the progress of a shooter in a particular exercise and within a customizable time frame according to the indicators defined for that exercise.
  • Accessories such as tactical stress vests and tactical flashlights contribute to the realism of various scenarios.
  • They operate with real weapons such as revolvers, pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, FAL, M4, as well as non-lethal weapons like tasers, pepper spray, tonfa batons, etc.
  • Blowback kits for real weapons, powered by CO2, to increase the realism of training and exercises.
  • Real exercises with portable active opponents that can be virtually injured or eliminated in varied training scenarios like KILL HOUSE, CQC-CQB, where law enforcement personnel wear tactical stress vests.
  • 180-degree immersive systems with multiple screens.